Is It Really Over?

Over? What’s over? Summer lol! Somehow it’s the end of August and in previous years I would feel this sadness looming over me as the summer is ending and the inevitable “new school year” is around the corner but that all kind of changes when you don’t have kids in school! Now I’m, and please don’t hate me for this comment buttttt I’m actually glad that summer is coming to an end!!! I have struggled so much with the heat of the summer days that it has made me yearn for cooler temperatures more than any other year!!

I thought this would be the perfect time to update you on my Goal Tracking challenge I gave myself! I’ve once again made a change, well an addition, to the chart with the addition of my Cricut machine! I think if I remember correctly, my initial goal was to sew everyday, which as I’m writing that, it’s actually making me laugh at how over-zealous that was lol! Anyway, here’s where I am with the chart now, in the latest and I think the best format for me!

Geez, it’s kinda pretty isn’t it lol! So yes, you’ll see that I added, well actually changed the “Read” to “Cricut” cause apparently I’m never going to read in 2022 lol! It is something I love to do but I guess not right now. And since I got the Cricut in April, it’s pretty close in how many days I sew and how many I Cricut, and there’s probably more blank days then I thought but I’m not mad about any of it, I’m actually super duper proud of myself!! I still look at it and feel proud and all I’ve accomplished! Oh yes, I also starting doing Macramé with Melissa and her daughter Aliah, who is also our teacher, so I had to add that in the “Knit/Crochet” category lol!

I find I’m never very creative in the summer months but as I have already complained about lol, since it’s been so hot this year, I haven’t spent the time outdoors during the day like I normally would so if I’m in the house, I might as well be crafting lol! I’m sure the squares will get even more filled in as the temperature cools even more!!

Have any of you been doing this challenge with me? If so, how’s it going? Please don’t think of it as a failure if you started off doing it and then stopped, it happens and as always, life just gets in the way! Honestly, no one is more surprised that I’m still doing the chart than I am lol, I don’t always have the best track record with these kinds of things lol!

I hope you have an amazing week and find some time to create something amazing!!



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