Destination Ready!

There’s just some fabrics that really grab your attention, I’m sure you know what I mean, right?!? You see it on-line or in a store and you immediately love it! And here’s where the story will differ for some of us. Some of us will just buy it even if we have absolutely no idea what we’ll use it for, knowing that inspiration will eventually dictate it’s use, you’ll see a project you want to make and you’ll be delighted to know that you have the perfect fabric for it in your stash! The other group will have left that fabric behind because they didn’t have an immediate use for it. They might suffer some regret later but console themselves with the thoughts that “it wasn’t meant to be”!!

I’m definitely the latter, and of course it’s usually the fabric I’m looking at and cutting everyday lol! And sometimes it’s really bad cause the more you guys buy it, the more I start to panic and FOMO starts to set in lol….you know, Fear Of Missing Out lol!!

This was recently the case with a certain fabric that I posted about a couple of times! I fell in love with it the very first time I cut it I had no immediate use for it! It’s a fairly large print too so I didn’t want to just use it for a dog collar or some other small project like that…so I did nothing but enjoy cutting it for all of you….until we were done to the last 2 yds…and then Melissa said it was out of stock at our supplier’s so she didn’t know when, or if, she could get it again!!!!

Panic definitely set in…I wasn’t sure I could pass it up!! I talked to myself all day about it, “just buy it”, “do I need all 2 yds of it though”, “what would you use it for?”, etc, etc, etc lol, needless to say, it was a long day lol!

My day was drawing near an end, but then, out of nowhere, it came to me…..I knew what I could make with it!!! I’ve had a pattern printed and ready to go for literally years for an overnight bag I’ve wanted to make for myself buuutttt, are you ready for this?!? I’ve never found the perfect fabric for it….TILL NOW!!! I almost did a happy dance, I was so excited!! I contemplated buying the last 2 yds right then and there but for some reason I didn’t. I think I decided that I would go home and look at the pattern to see if that would even be enough material! I hadn’t looked at the pattern in ages but I remembered it was a pretty big bag so maybe it would call for more! You may be asking yourself why didn’t I just look up the pattern on my phone to see the requirements while I was still at work, and this is a good question that I have no answer to lol!! Apparently I momentarily forgot that technology existed lol!

Anyways, once at home I discovered that all I needed was 1 1/3 yds of fabric so it was perfect! I plunked myself down at my computer to place my order, deciding to just get the whole 2 yards, you know, just in case and also, I could then make a matching cosmetic bag or something buuuttttt there was only 1.5 yds available!!!! I actually laughed out loud….those 2 yards had sat there for days with no one ordering any of it and the very day I decide to buy it, someone bought 1/2 yard lol!!! I quickly checked out with the remaining amount, not willing to tempt fate again, and you better believe that I’m seriously thinking about converting to the “love it, buy it right now” group lol!!

Ok, story time is over, now let me share my amazing new overnight bag with you eeeekkk!!!

This is the pattern I’ve been so eager to make, the Vivian Traveler by Swoon Sewing Patterns! And the fabric I’ve been talking about is the stunning Large Japanese Purple Floral with Metallic by Timeless Treasures!

It’s just so beautiful, it just makes me happy to see it!! Now you may remember that I made a resolution to only use fabrics from my stash for linings but this time it was going to be a bit harder because I needed big pieces in order to cut out the large panels for the front and back of the bag! Quite often I only buy a half yard, maybe a yard of a fabric so I had to dig pretty deep in my stash to find something suitable! I feel like this floral print is quite sophisticated so why not have a little fun on the inside with something, well, less sophisticated, something like, oh I don’t know, how about The Office fabric lol!!

And now, here’s the finished bag for you!

Fabrics Used: Large Japanese Purple Floral with Metallic, all these particular The Office fabrics are discontinued but we still have 3 different ones you can find HERE!

I love this bag so much! It came together very quickly, and the instructions were easy to follow! I once again opted to use seatbelt webbing from Zipper Valley which of course takes off a few steps and while you certainly could add additional pockets, I felt like the 2 exterior side pockets and the zippered interior pocket was sufficient for my purposes! The only drawback I could possibly see for some people about this pattern is that it does have a drop in lining. I personally have a love/hate relationship with them lol! I love that you don’t have to struggle to “birth” the bag through a hole but there is some inevitable hand sewing and that’s definitely the “hate” part for me lol! I do some extra stitches hidden in the top seams too that go all the way through from the lining to the exterior and back to the lining to “tack” the lining in place. If you don’t do that, the lining just kind of sags and a saggy, ill-fitting lining makes for a sad Shawna lol!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this bag! And side note, I still have quite a bit of fabric left over since I opted to use the seatbelt webbing for handles so I’ll definitely be making another piece or 2 to make a beautiful travel set.

I don’t know where my next little weekend away will be but wherever it is, this bag will take me there is style, don’t ya think?!?

So which team are you…”buy it no matter what” or a “love it but leave it”?!?

Hope you all have an amazing week!!


2 thoughts on “Destination Ready!”

  1. As I was reading your blog and you were keeping us in suspense as to what this beautiful mystery fabric was, I had a sneaky suspicion as to what it could be. I recall your post when you were cutting this fabric and matching it with several different solid colour combinations. Stunning, simply stunning! And there I was in the “what would I make with this camp”?! Beautiful bag Shawna!….why didn’t I think of that! I’m sure you will get many compliments on your bag when you travel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so right, I was apparently convincing myself that I NEEDED it as I was doing those posts lol! You and your words are so kind, thank you so much!! I’m so glad I’ve got good company in that camp lol! I’m so excited to actually travel with it, I love it so much…and if so stranger were to comment on it? Oh my, I’d be over the moon!! Thank you Gwenne, I appreciate your comment!


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