On Trend!

Ok so last week I showed you the overnight bag I made with MY new favourite fabric, the Large Japanese Purple Floral with Metallic…..and this week I’m going to show you what I made for my best friend using what should be HER favourite fabric lol! First off, just cause I’m so darn proud of it, here’s another pic of my bag lol….which, I’m happy to report, I used this past weekend to go to my her house lol! It wasn’t a sleepover but I was taking a lot of stuff and it all fit with room to spare!

Timeless Treasures Large Japanese Purple Floral with Metallic (currently out of stock)

I should have taken a picture of it full but I didn’t even think of it! Here’s what I had in it though…my bathing suit, leggings, shirt, sweater, 3 small bags of chips and a 6 lb beanbag door stopper lol! All of that pretty much filled up 3/4 of it so lots of room for an actual trip somewhere sometime lol!

So anyways, my bestie, Nancy, who you might see commenting on some FMF posts even though she’s not a sewer or fabric buyer at all lol, just a great supporter of me!! Anyway, she is an avid reader soooooo can you guess which recently new fabric we got that made me think of her right away?!? If you’re yelling out ANTIQUE LIBRARY OF RARITIES then you’re absolutely correct, and probably scaring all the people around you with all your yelling lol!

I just knew I had to make her something, but what? If you’re familiar with the print, you know that it is a large print and that it runs the full width of the fabric….it’s absolutely stunning!

I needed to find a project that could showcase the print in the best way, so I decided to do something that is so popular these days….a Totebag! You see patterns for them everywhere, literally ever bag designer has their own version with slight variations but of course they’re pretty much fundamentally the same! I decided I wanted a pretty basic one because I didn’t want anything to take away from the incredible fabric! I ended up going with the Tuesday Tote Pattern by Knotted Threads Company! I obviously follow quite a few bag makers and a lot of them have been whipping up this tote lately so I joined in on the fun…and it was fun!! My goodness, it’s so nice and refreshing to just do a super simple bag every once in awhile and when it ends up looking as awesome as these ones do, well, you’re just a happy camper!

Fabrics Used: Antique Library of Rarities, Books Antique, Turquoise Stardust Vinyl Roll

Isn’t that just an amazing bag?!? I’m just not sure if I could even choose my favourite part of it….the fabric? The vinyl? The combination of the fabric and the vinyl? The easy pattern? I just don’t know…..but it’s probably all of it, if I really think about it! Every single bag I’ve seen made from this pattern is incredible! And there are 2 variations included and they’re both awesome!

Nancy is a first time Nanny to a beautiful little girl and I can picture her throwing toys and snacks in this bag as they’re about to go play at the park! I did think afterwards that I should have put an interior pocket in it just to secure her belongings but I got so caught up in how quick it was and I could see how incredible it was turning out and totally forgot lol!!

This is how the lovely Designer, Shannon, describes this pattern, “The Tuesday Tote is so easy you could sew it up on any given Tuesday night! This is a basic tote pattern in a great size featuring two color blocking designs. A perfect pattern for the beginner sewist, or a quick make for the more seasoned of us.! See….perfect for all of us!

If you’re looking for a simple tote pattern, I highly recommend this one…and if you do give it a try, just please share it with us, I’d love to see how yours turns out!

I hope you all have an amazing week and find the time to create something amazing!


2 thoughts on “On Trend!”

  1. I love your tote bag and the library of rareties fabric, which I think most stores have sold out of – nice to know you still have it! ? I made some totes with this fabric for my book club friends, I attach a photo of them. Nice to know about the Tuesday tote pattern – I look forward to your blogs for an uplifting read and lots of inspiration. Thank you! Joan ? ________________________________

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    1. Hi Joan! We too are sadly sold out of it, within a day of receiving it I think! Sure hope our Supplier gets more, it’s amazing!! I would love to see your totes but I don’t see the picture here…would you send it to us on FB messenger or email it to funkymonkeyfabrics.com, I’d just love to see your creations that your lucky book club friends received, which im sure was so appreciated! Your words are so kind, I love that I can be a tiny part of your inspiration, that makes me so happy! Thanks again Joan!


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