PSL is my Favourite Season!

Yup, that’s right, I said it…PSL is the best time of the year, in my humble opinion lol!! In case you don’t know, PSL stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte and I love the drink, hot or iced, the spice, anything at all that is made with pumpkins…just all of it! Ok, so maybe you like to call it Fall or Autumn, and that’s just fine….we’re all in the same club no matter what you call it!

See, I get so excited about it, I even take a pic of my first Iced PSL of the season lol!

Ok, now enough of all that nonsense lol, let’s get to talking about actual sewing projects shall we?!?

I recently finished 2 Minky projects, and don’t shoot me if one of them still has something to do with PSL lol!!! We recently got in some super cool Minky that I absolutely loved and knew I had to use it somehow and I think I found the perfect solution! Of course, I’m speaking about the Pumpkin Spice Latte on Peach Minky!

You may remember that when I made my new Creative Space, I brought in a chair that has the cutest little toss cushion with it and while the cushion isn’t really needed, I immediately decided that I would continually change out the cover seasonally, or just if I got bored with it lol! So here’s the first cover I made for it using the sumptuous Caviar Seal!

Oh, it’s so cozy but, let’s be honest, kinda boring lol! Sooooo, now let’s see it….

Ahhhhhh, I love it sooooo much lol!!! I don’t think the colours could have been any more perfect, could they?!? If you zoom in really close, you might see little tiny black Pug fur cause not only is that chair Minnie’s favourite spot to be when I’m in there, but she really prefers to be right next to or even on the cushion lol!

I’m loving this little accent cushion and all the possibilities of covers I can do for it! I’m hoping to build up quite the collection lol!

Ok and the 2nd project I want to share with you is, are you ready for this…..a Minky Fat Half blanket…..oooohhhh, aaaaahhhhhh lol!! Ok, don’t shoot me for the 2nd time lol but the reason I’m sharing it is because I tried a new feature and I am 100% in love with it and will absolutely be doing this for all my blankets in the future! So here’s the blanket…can you tell from the pictures what I did?

Hopefully you can see that I rounded the corners!! I realize this may be common practice for some of you but I just had to try it and as I said, there’s no going back, this will be my preferred method from now on! I’ve seen so many of them done like this and I always love them so I’m not sure why I didn’t try it sooner lol! I just traced a round object from selvage to selvage, lining it up with my sewing lines of course, stitched over the line and that was it! It took so much bulk out of the corners and was beyond easy!

This little blanket is for my best friend’s new nephew, who just happens to have parents that love Toy Story so the new Buzz & Woody Toy Story Minky was perfect lol! I gave her a few options for backings and she chose my favourite too lol, the Limeaid Galaxy! I love those Galaxy’s, they just have so many colour variations in them that they can match so many prints! I hope this little blanket brings it’s new owner much comfort for years to come! To infinity, and beyond!!!

Have you tried the rounded corner blankets? Which is your preferred look?

Well, that’s it for me this week! I’m off for a week of holidays and I have so many projects planned…..I wonder how many I’ll actually do before I just plunk myself in front of the tv lol?!? I wish you all an amazing week and hope you find time to create something amazing!!



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