Back At It!

Hello all!! Sorry I didn’t write a Blog last week but I took a week of holidays and that included a holiday from writing a Blog entry too lol!

I took what they call a “Stay-cation”, which means I literally STAYed home and did pretty much nothing! I tried very purposely to not schedule my week, to just go with the flow and if I felt like doing something, I would do it, if I didn’t, well, you get the idea lol! I started the week off by sewing a “few” more of the Martingale Collars, 5 to be exact lol! 3 were for my dogs and 2 were for friends’ pugs!

Fabrics Used: Beetlejuice Purple Creepy Cute Toss, Red Grinch Stripe, Black Neon Frogs, Autumn Leaves – Discontinued

The Grinch one is for my friend Tracy who has 2 pugs, Zombie and Crowley. Crowley normally wears hand-me-down collars so she asked me to make his own Grinch one for Christmas, which I gladly did, but now I feel bad that I didn’t make one for Zombie so I’m going to make him one, I just can’t decide which fabric yet! The little fall leaves one is for a new friend’s pug, Brawley, that we met at our Pug Parties that we go to! He’s just a wee baby, not even 6 months old but his Mommy, Ann, loves the collars I make so I tried to surprise her by making one for him! She blew my surprise though because she messaged me to ask me to make one for him and I couldn’t lie lol! He’s a fast little devil so it was hard to get pictures of him in his new collar but here’s what we managed to get, our 3 puggies all matching, and one of him begging for his Mom’s lunch lol!

And yes, the other 3 collars are for my dogs lol! To be honest, there would be 4 of them if I hadn’t run out of hardware! I love to put them in matching collars so once my hardware arrives, Minnie too will have one with those amazing frogs!!! Obviously, they need Halloween ones, and since the Beetlejuice is a nice small pattern, it’s perfect for her 1″ collar!

So did I do any other sewing on my holidays? NOPE lol!! However, I did quite a few Cricut projects because those I could print off and then park my butt in front of the tv and make them up while I watched movies and Netflix series….has anyone else watched the new Dahmer series 😮🤢😢?!? We won’t even go into that but all I can say is YIKES!

I decided I wanted to make some Fall and Halloween crafts and set it up on my buffet! I previously tried my hand at 3D Paper crafts and I absolutely fell in love with it! Here’s my first project….

I know, I’m sure you’re shocked that it’s a pug lol, but how amazing is that! It’s quite a bit bigger than I expected it to be but I love how it turned out, and I really enjoyed to process of making it too! So because of this, I decided to try a few other paper projects, have a look!

Aren’t they beautiful! These are 3D Layered Cardstock projects! I wish I would have done a different colour scheme for the pumpkin but I’m still super happy with it! Now, let me show you what I just finished this past weekend to complete my fall look….are you ready? I’m not sure you are, I’m telling you, you’re going to be blown away!!!!

See….I told you!! I’m still actually in shock that I made these! The house took me two nights, one to cut it all and separate all the pieces, which I did while I watched Hocus Pocus lol, and the second night was assembly night, which I did while I watched Hocus Pocus 2 lol!! I had so much for doing it, they’re fairly easy and remind me of jigsaw puzzles, which I also love! The 3D Pumpkin, now that’s another story lol! It probably took me an hour to print all 24 pieces and then maybe 2-3 hours to assemble and let me tell you, it was challenging…but again, I loved it lol! Once it was done and I had it lit up, I just sat there and stared at it in awe that I had actually done that lol!

I’m so happy with how my little display turned out, and once I added my spooky-ish Halloween Braided Twist table runner, well, I just couldn’t be happier!

Fabric Used: Black Skeletons in Need of Coffee, Monster fabric is from my Stash!

Thank you so much for indulging my completely non-sewing related Blog post lol, but I know all you creative friends will be happy for me and hopefully enjoy these fun projects!

Have an amazing week and hopefully you’ll find time to create something amazing!



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