Did any of you happen to see what I posted the other day, showing you what fabrics I was using for a special project?

Fabrics: Purple Smooth Minky, Black Smooth Minky, Black Scary Pumpkins Cotton

No one was able to guess what I was up to, I mean it was obviously something for Halloween but what?!?

Well, a safe bet would have been “something for your Pugs” and if you’d made that guess, you’d have been 100% correct lol!

Every year an amazing local photographer, Joanne of Your Dog’s Photographer, does a fundraiser for one of my favourite charities that I’ve told you about for, Happy’s Place, a Retirement Home for Dogs! She creates an amazing seasonal set for our beloved pets and donates all the funds to them! I watch their FB page like a hawk to see when they’re doing their next event! The first one we ever did was a Christmas one with Norman and m pretty sure we’ve attended every one since then! Hmmm, now I have to see if I have all the pics somewhere lol!

Oh my heart, it just melts everything I see these lol! As I’m looking at these, I’m realizing I’ve made every outfit they’ve work so far, good thing I continued the tradition lol!

Soooooo anyone wanna guess what the theme is this year lol?!? Yup, you’re right….HALLOWEEN!!

When she posts the event, she gives you a sneak peak of the background set up so you can plan your outfits accordingly lol! Goodness knows you can buy all sorts of pet costumes but how does that saying go, “why buy it for $19.99 when you can make it for $79.99” rofl?!? Besides, so many of them have a headpiece or something covering their faces and I can tell you for absolute certain that as good and as tolerant as Norman is of the things I do to him, he’d be having no part of something on his face lol! Sooooo all of this leads us to what I ended up making…..CAPES!! Who’s ready for some extreme cuteness?!? These are just rough shots of them on my messy cutting table but you’ll get the idea lol!

Oh my fur-babies lol!! So I wanted Norman’s to be more of a Dracula style so I fused Decovil Heavy to the Black Scary Pumpkins cotton and it works just as I envisioned, standing up perfectly on its own without any bother to his head! And for Minnie’s I was inspired by the amazing Sanderson Sisters capes from Hocus Pocus, but, well, you can see how she feels about the whole situation lol! When I put it on her she runs around wagging her tail, so happy, but to try to get her to sit and look not so “uncomfortable”, well, it just doesn’t happen! So we will take her in her costume on picture day and if she wants to sit with her brother, Norman, she can. If she doesn’t want to, she won’t…she’s the boss lol! Strangers make her uncomfortable so we always follow her lead and don’t force her into situations that obviously make her uncomfortable! But her cape is fabulous either way I think lol!

I’ve used this free pattern, Count Dracula Dog Cape Pattern from Mimi & Tara. They have the cutest patterns but they definitely are for little doggies, for example, I used XL for these capes! I had to shorten the length a few inches so their little curly tails could go over top the cape! The directions aren’t the most detailed but they were fine. They called for velcro for the neck closure but I opted to sew in ribbon so I can just tie it around their necks. They also say to attach another piece of velcro to go around their stomachs to prevent it from flipping around however I have an even better, completely hidden solution that I’m stealing from their winter coats (yes, they have matching winter coats lol), there is a little piece of elastic on each side of the part that goes over their back leg area. You put their legs through it and it holds it in place and it doesn’t bother them al all! I still have to do that as I ran out of elastic but when I do get it done I’ll gladly share it with you! It’s the smartest idea…wish I had come up with it myself!

Ok, don’t worry, you know I’ll totally share the pictures with you when I get them back…the only question will be if there’s one dog or two in them lol!

I hope you have an amazing week! I’d love to hear about all the Halloween projects you’re making and have made over the years!



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